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It’s just a widdle smiley face Momma….


Yep, it’s just a little smiley face alright…


drawn on our bed in marker…Emmmmmmaaaaaa!


Sorry Mama…it’s just a widdle smiley face.  

Good gravy.  I’m doomed….



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The first cut is the deepest…

Emma has had her hair cut for the first time and it only took 2 3/4 years. 

I think I finally get why my Mom never let me do anything fun to my hair.  According to her (and the hair dresser…her dear friend…I smell a conspiracy!) my hair was to “pretty” and “to die for” to color or straighten or cut too dramatically.  Made for a way fun teenage experience, let me tell ya! 

But, now I have a child that has that hair.  Emma’s hair is way nicer than mine was…my hair would turn into a fro if it got too long…her hair just hangs in pretty ringlets. I admit I was afraid.  Afraid that if we cut it, even a little, the curl would go away.  So it was with great courage and fortitude that Chris and I headed over to the local hair shop.  Emma was excited the whole way, “I get my hair cut!”  She sat right down and held very still and never fussed.  I tried to snap as many pictures as possible, but as you can see, she became a little annoyed with her Mama as she was a very serious big girl getting her hair cut and I was bugging her. 

Oh, my fear was for not.  Emma’s curls are as bouncy as ever and she can’t wait to get another hair cut.






Another passage of childhood that I wasn’t able to put off.  Sigh….


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Trunk o’ Treat

Did I put the apostrophe in the right place up there??  Oh well.  Tonight was Trunk o’ Treat!  I love Halloween and all things Halloween, so I love parking my car, opening up the tail gait and watching little ones go around and around all dressed up and getting as much candy as they can!  I can say, with all objectivity, that my kids were the cutest and most original kiddos there.  Well, except for Emma–she was a princess.  Very cute, but not original.  Plus, she had a big egg on her forehead from where her face hit the floor because she was trying to go “bery fast and got big boink.”  Connor was an Italian Pizza box (hmmm, ok) and Gracie was the bride of Frankenstein.  I have to say that her hair and makeup were to die for…I wonder who could possibly be talented enough to have her look soooo good??  I’m humble if nothing else…:)

Here is the whole gang.  My two other guys looked awesome as the Burger King and Indiana Jones.

Here is my awesome handy work Gracie as the Bride.

Here is my odd creative son as his self titled:  Italian Pizza Box Guy.

Here is Emma wearing her little jacket because it was getting chilly and she wanted to hurry up and get candy!!

This is the face you get when you’ve asked for one too many photos….

And here is the face you get when they announce it’s almost time to start going…

And here is the shot you get when no one is looking….

I just LOVE Halloween, don’t you????


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While we’re on food….

During conference a couple of weeks ago, I decided to make apple pie.  Well, Gracie wanted to help, but I have to admit….sometimes little kids getting their hands into baked goods…well, it grosses me out.  Just being real here.  So, when Gracie could sense my total unwillingness hesitation at her helping with my pie; that smart girl came up with a great idea!  The little pie!  Totally all her.  She used scrapes of the dough for the crust, got out her little pie pan (thanks Grammies) and went to work.  I was really happy with how well she did!  I even had a little bite…what can ya do???  She is my Gracie girl…little grubby hands and all! 🙂


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How’d ya like them omatoes?

Much to my surprise our little tomato plant keeps giving us tons of little, grape tomatoes…or as Emma says, “omatoes.”  As in, “Mommy, lets go check the omatoes and pic um and eat um!”  I’m lucky if half what we pick makes it into the house.  I have never seen a little gal shove tomatoes in her mouth faster than our Emma.


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The Pre-teen of the House

I am SO behind on blogging!  I’m not sure I can afford to be behind on one more thing in my life.  Don’t worry, I won’t give up blogging….maybe cleaning or laundry….I’m always behind on those things anyways.  Anyhoo…this post is about my darling son Connor.  My first born.  My little man is becoming…well, a little man.  He is playing trumpet in school and recently attended his first dance.  Yes, his first DANCE!  Ugh.  Oh.  Even writing that made my heart tear just a bit.

I should clarify though.  I use the word dance loosely here.  Connor basically went to an after school activity with his two best buds, ran around and there was music there.  He told me he danced “a little”, but not with any girls (thank goodness…he’s 11 for heavens sake! Also, he’s short…do I need to paint a picture of where his eyes would be in a slow dance…I didn’t think so).

My boy is growing up and I’m not.  Is there a secret age at which your children become more mature than you?  After reading that last paragraph, he may have already passed me.

He’s starting to make recognizable music now.

Looking swave for the dance where he didn’t dance.

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I always knew I was a country girl!

I have been gone a long, long time blogging world.  I am so sorry….especially to the three or so of you who read my blog.  I have been sick.  Sick, sick, sick and tired!  (Always wanted to say that!)  Anywhoo, I got that virus that is going around and my friend Sarah told me that viruses usually stick around for 10 days, so I’ve had this nastiness for 2 1/2 weeks….either Sarah is wrong (too sweet to be wrong) or I am an overachiever.  Let’s go with that.

After watching a very motivating presentation by Debbie at church about raised bed gardening, I forced suggested to the family that we start one and we did early in the Summer.

Well, some stuff actually grew!  We got 3 cucumbers, some lettuce, deformed carrots, many grape tomatoes and a cantaloupe!  I knew I had it in me!  I am soooo not living the life I was meant to.  I mean how can you look at those results and not see that I am meant for the county life!  Seriously.  How much harder could a ranch/farm be?  Just bigger, right?  Well, here are the pictures of our bounty and I have big plans for next Spring!  Anyone know any good recipes for turnips??? (Don’t like ’em, but bet I could grow ’em!) 🙂

This was our one normal looking carrot.

I forgot to take of picture of the cantaloupe whole….ugh!


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