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The End of an Era

The flag football spring season is over (I know, I know…football in spring????  Here in Texas there is no such thing as a football “season” or a baseball “season.”  It’s just sports, sports, sports all the time!).  For Connor and his friends this marks more than just the end of a season, this is the end of an era. 

Next year Connor will be in tackle football.  Pads, helmet…the whole works.  Connor has been playing football for the past 4 years now with Chris being a coach for most of that time.  I have to admit, I was worried about Connor playing football in Texas.  Football in Texas is NO JOKE and I was picturing a horror of a coach.  You know, yelling, cussin, spittin, totally competitive…way over the top.  But, we were soooo lucky to land in Coach King’s hands.  This guy is an amazing coach.  I knew it was going to be a great experience when Chris respected and really liked the guy (Chris has HIGH coaching standards). 

So, the last game was on Saturday and the girls and I actually arrived on time and I got a chance to take a lot of pictures.


The boys have so much fun playing and Chris just loves to coach.


Even though they have a lot of fun playing…this game is also serious business to these boys.


Plus, you have to keep in mind all the pretty girls that may be watching you…


In the end, it was all about the time we all shared together.  Fathers and sons, every Friday and Saturday spending time together.  You just don’t get that opportunity very often.



I’m sad that it’s over, mostly because I didn’t appreciate this time very much.  I was often overwhelmed by life and just saw football as “one more thing” that had to be “fit in” to an over-stuffed schedule.  You know what has dawned on me??  I will never be here again.  I will never be a mother to my children at this stage again and it goes fast…just like we all say.  I need to relax, keep my mouth shut, be patient and enjoy this time.  Because, really, what else do I have to do?  And when again am I going to be allowed to witness boys being this happy to just be together and have fun? 




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The first cut is the deepest…

Emma has had her hair cut for the first time and it only took 2 3/4 years. 

I think I finally get why my Mom never let me do anything fun to my hair.  According to her (and the hair dresser…her dear friend…I smell a conspiracy!) my hair was to “pretty” and “to die for” to color or straighten or cut too dramatically.  Made for a way fun teenage experience, let me tell ya! 

But, now I have a child that has that hair.  Emma’s hair is way nicer than mine was…my hair would turn into a fro if it got too long…her hair just hangs in pretty ringlets. I admit I was afraid.  Afraid that if we cut it, even a little, the curl would go away.  So it was with great courage and fortitude that Chris and I headed over to the local hair shop.  Emma was excited the whole way, “I get my hair cut!”  She sat right down and held very still and never fussed.  I tried to snap as many pictures as possible, but as you can see, she became a little annoyed with her Mama as she was a very serious big girl getting her hair cut and I was bugging her. 

Oh, my fear was for not.  Emma’s curls are as bouncy as ever and she can’t wait to get another hair cut.






Another passage of childhood that I wasn’t able to put off.  Sigh….


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Flash Back Friday

Has a ring doesn’t it?  I’m gonna try and start a tradition here and I admit it would help if some of you other bloggers out there would join in too.  If you want to start a groovy Flash Back Friday  tradition too, then just leave a comment with your blog link and we can all share in the humiliation joy of looking back through photographs.  Flash back with me won’t you??

I’m sure you can all guess by the joy of my expression when this picture is taken.  I mean, the pure joy teenagers’ facial expressions can be must just scream out to you what day this is!  Ok, so the tree gave it away, but I’m sure my abject JOY could be felt through the Internet.  Now to fully appreciate the look on my face, you must be told something about my family.  I am sitting there on Christmas morning in front of no less than 50 presents.  I’m not exaggerating.  In fact, I may be selling the amount short.  My sister and I were the object of my Mother’s Christmas insanity.  At the time…let me tell ya…I quite enjoyed my Mom’s mental illness during the holidays.  But, my Mom made me SWEAR not to repeat the sickness with my own children and I can appreciate that now.  My kids still have it pretty good (no matter what they may say), but I have ended the insanity.  I still feel the tug though…just one more….oh, they would LOVE that…what’s one more game?????  But, I still can feel the underlying stress in the house from my Mom knowing she spent WAY too much and the underlying guilt my Sis and I felt when we were surrounded by all the stuff.  My Mom and Dad loved us so much, but she has come to realize that she got caught up and wants us to avoid that with our own children.  Gotta love it when your 37 3/4 and still learning from your Ma…:)


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How’d ya like them omatoes?

Much to my surprise our little tomato plant keeps giving us tons of little, grape tomatoes…or as Emma says, “omatoes.”  As in, “Mommy, lets go check the omatoes and pic um and eat um!”  I’m lucky if half what we pick makes it into the house.  I have never seen a little gal shove tomatoes in her mouth faster than our Emma.


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The Pre-teen of the House

I am SO behind on blogging!  I’m not sure I can afford to be behind on one more thing in my life.  Don’t worry, I won’t give up blogging….maybe cleaning or laundry….I’m always behind on those things anyways.  Anyhoo…this post is about my darling son Connor.  My first born.  My little man is becoming…well, a little man.  He is playing trumpet in school and recently attended his first dance.  Yes, his first DANCE!  Ugh.  Oh.  Even writing that made my heart tear just a bit.

I should clarify though.  I use the word dance loosely here.  Connor basically went to an after school activity with his two best buds, ran around and there was music there.  He told me he danced “a little”, but not with any girls (thank goodness…he’s 11 for heavens sake! Also, he’s short…do I need to paint a picture of where his eyes would be in a slow dance…I didn’t think so).

My boy is growing up and I’m not.  Is there a secret age at which your children become more mature than you?  After reading that last paragraph, he may have already passed me.

He’s starting to make recognizable music now.

Looking swave for the dance where he didn’t dance.

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Just a Little Bit of Stealing…

“Each one of you is living a life filled with much to do.  I plead with you not to let the important things in life pass you by, planning instead for that illusive and non-existent future date when you’ll have time to do all that you want to do.  Instead, find joy in the journey — now.”
President Thomas S. Monson 
BYU Women’s Conference, May 2008

This quote was on my friend Julie’s blog this morning and I just had to steal it and put it on my blog! 
You know how it seems that you hear or read just what you need to at the exact right time?  Well, that time was this morning and that thing was this quote. 
After President Hinkley died, I was nervous.  I LOVED Pres. Hinkley and I just wasn’t sure I would feel the same way about President Monson.  I always really liked hearing Pres. Monson speak, but I just wasn’t sure I could develop the personal relationship I felt I had with Pres. Hinkley.  This quote has gone a long way to building up my personal feelings toward him.  I feel as though Pres. Monson really understands what it is to be a woman (especially a mother) just by what is said in this small quote.  Seems silly doesn’t it….but, this is a prophet of God speaking and with this quote I don’t only feel that Pres. Monson gets me, I feel that God gets me. 
Thanks for the great morning thought Julie!  I owe you one.



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And awwway they go!

First day of school.  You would think I was dancing in the aisles, bouncing on the bed, running amok thru the homestead…well, a little.  But, it was a bittersweet day today.  I was so excited for both Connor and Gracie.  They were so excited for themselves, but the Summer went really quickly and I kinda like having my kiddos around.  Maybe it’s the dawning realization that time moves so quickly and school takes up a lot of that precious time that I could maybe be spending with them.  Or not. 

Having time alone with Emma for the first time in months was very sweet.  She was a new little girl today.  So cuddly.  So kissy.  Was she always like this and I have been too busy to notice?  Or was it the chance at alone time that brought out this undistracted side in her?  Hmmmm, who knows, but I’ll take all the cuddling she is givin out!

The new middle-schooler

The big 2nd grader

The wannabe

I’ll be keeping her as long as I can…..she won’t mind me going to prom with her, right?


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