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The Hussy on Oak Bend Court

Well, that title may be a tad harsh, but we are now living with a single mother and her 4 children.  Yes, you guessed it…..our cat Shadow had her kittens early this morning.  Good Gravy..what a night!  Thunderstorms started about 11pm and continued until about 3:30am.  I got NO sleep.  Gracie was in the bed with us (her “special” night…ugh) and Shadow (the hussy) started crying to come into our room around 4:30am.  Well, we kinda thought it was just because of the storm, but she had a baby right on our bed.  We didn’t even realize what was happening until I heard the kitten cry.  Chris and I shot out of bed and Chris caught Shadow as she was about to take that kitten and herself under our bed.  Chris put her in the box we had set up just for this occasion in our bathroom (can I get some props for thinking ahead…for once!).  I went and got Connor up (I had promised him that he could witness the birth) and Connor, Gracie and I watched her give birth to two more kittens while my hero husband striped the bed and re-made it with fresh sheets and covers.  We thought she was done at three and the kids started to take showers and such to get ready for school while Chris and I went back to sleep meditated on the blessing that had just entered our lives.  The momentary peaceful moment was interrupted when Connor…or Gracie…or Chris…it was early people…came out and announced that Shadow has had one more kitten.  I have to hand it to that gal though.  She never made a sound, she licked those little kittens totally clean and she has been purring all day while they fight and climb all over her trying to eat.  She is a trooper!




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