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Home, house, home, house….

Wow!  Is it May already?!  You know the saying about time flying and all, so I won’t bother with that cliche, but man!  Where does it go?

This post is not what most of you (the 3 of you) who read this blog really want, but it’s been on my mind so I thought I would throw this out there.  I promise to have a post with lots of pictures of my three cuties toot sweet!

I receive quotes from the church web site in my email and this really stood out to me and has got me thinking:

“An essential quality of the first pioneers was optimism, an ability to see new possibilities in a strange and unsettling environment. To beautify the desert, they needed faith in God, but they also needed faith in themselves and in their ability to help shape the world. The need for that faith has not diminished. . . .” ‘A pioneer is not [necessarily] a woman who makes her own soap’ or a man who grubs sagebrush from the land. Pioneers are those who take up their burdens and walk toward the future. With vision and with courage they make the desert blossom and they press on toward new frontiers.”  David B. Haight

Faith in ourselves….Make the desert blossom and they press on toward new frontiers.  Hmmmm, this does not describe me these past few months since we moved into this new house.  I’ve been faking it…badly.

I don’t like this house. 

I didn’t want to move.  

I am putting no effort into making this house a home for all of us.  It’s starting to show in everyone’s attitudes and I know it begins with me.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not a good housekeeper even in the best of circumstances, but now!  I’m barely keeping everyone safe and healthy in the mess we’re in.  It dawned on me last night that I’m marking time here.  We signed a two year lease and I’m just counting down;  much like a child rips those paper chains at Christmas…one month down, two, three, etc.  Just marking time.  What a waste, what a bad example to my children.

“Organize yourselves; prepare every needful thing; and establish a house, even a house of prayer, a house of fasting, a house of faith, a house of learning, a house of glory, a house of order, a house of God.” (D&C 88:119.)

No where in that scripture does it say, “But, you only have to do this if you like the house you are living in and are happy about your circumstances.”  I’m refusing to put this house in order because I’m mad that I’m here.  I’m refusing to make the “dessert blossom” because I’m sad that I’m here.  Again, what a waste.  My children are growing and learning and becoming in this house just as much as they were in the old house, but I’m not enjoying it as much because I’m too wrapped up in my own issues. 

I’ve gotten a ton of help from my friends in this move and and I see the “rightness” of the move and I have been given tons of positive reinforcement and kudos for doing such a “hard thing”, but the truth is…how hard was this really???  If I look at what has happened, it stinks and sure I would be happy to have my old house back, but it’s not the end of the world by any stretch.  The kids stayed in the same schools, we have room for everyone, we have a trampoline in the backyard and live next to a really neat walking path and creek.   I’m being stubborn and just refusing to put effort into this house.  What I’m coming to realize though (and what these quotes and scriptures have opened my mind to) is that I’m not putting the effort into the house, I’m putting the effort into a home for my family.  I’m putting the effort out for them, not the house. 

So, I post these pictures as a before so that when I get my HOME in order I can post the after and we can all be duely impressed with me! 😉  Let me add though, I by no means feel that a “neat and tidy” house makes a home (if it did I would be in BIG trouble), but I need to have the attitude of this as our home.  I need to hang pictures and make memories here.  I need to appreciate this house and what it means for our family.  Know what I mean?

As for me…from now on I am going to “take up” my burdens and “walk toward the future.”





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One Word

I stole this from Julie E’s blog and thought it seemed fun.  Plus, I’m avoiding housework like usual….

1. Where is your cell phone?   pocket
2. Your significant other?   Chris
3. Your hair?  curly
4. Your mother?  little
5. Your father?  funny
6. Your favorite thing?  family
7. Your dream last night?  test
8. Your favorite drink?  7-up
9. Your dream/goal?  forever
10. The room you’re in?  kitchen
11. Your children?  playing
12. Your fear?  illness
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years?  abundance
14. Where were you last night?  computer
15. What you’re not?  quiet
16. Muffins?  chocolate
17. One of your wish list items?  camera
18. Where you grew up?  California
20. What are you wearing?  deodorant
21. Your TV?  Watched
22. Your pets?  sleeping
23. Your computer?  On
24. Your life?  unbelievable
25. Your mood?  mellow
26. Missing someone? yes
27. Your car?  dirty
28. Something you’re not wearing?  make-up
29. Favorite Store?  Target
30. Your summer?  crazy
31. Like someone? everyone
32. Your favorite color?  green
33. Last time you laughed?  today
34. Last time you cried? yesterday 


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Never had in Long Beach

I’m still continuously surprised by the little changes in my life since moving to Flower Mound almost 5 years ago (5 years ago?!).  Sure it’s hotter than heck here some days and I don’t have the plethora of dining choices within a 5 mile radius like I did in CA, but I’ll trade it all for the frogs.  Yes, the frogs.

Now I just need to convince my family that frogs are worth it to move to Texas….


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Dream Life

I just added a blog page to my blogroll (I’m SO blog savvy now) of a woman living the life I imagine I would LOVE.  The Pioneer Woman was a L.A. city girl who fell in love with a cattle rancher and now lives on a ranch with her husband and four kiddos.  I can’t even remember how I found her blog, but I read it with alot some jealously.  Those of you who know me know me to be loud, talk to much, friendly, outgoing, occasionally funny, selfish, inappropriate, candid, open and…I hope…a good friend.  Now, just to let you in on a little secret, I always wanted to be the quiet, loved by all, un-selfish lady.  You know the one….Melanie in Gone with the Wind or Caroline Ingalls in Little House on the Prairie.  The long suffering woman who always puts herself last.  The lady who no one can say a bad word about.  The one who never questions her husband, but somehow comes out on top without having to nag him to death.  Who mothers her children without yelling and they always behave and look at her with undying love in their eyes.  That’s who I always aspired to be.  Sad.  I never even got close.  But, this gal on Pioneer Woman is more like me personality wise, but also living that country life I always imagined I would love. Thus, my jealously.  Check her out.  Her pictures are amazing and she is too funny.

So, if you see me attempt to be quiet and demure…just smile and wait…I’m sure someone will ask a question or say something that I just cannot be quiet about and then the real me will return!

Also, it has occured to me that maybe this life I long for is more dream than reality…the first time someone wanted me to get out of bed at 4am to go milk some cows or some other nonsense I might get a little cranky.

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The Garden


We had a class at church on how to build and plant a raised bed vegetable garden.  I loved that class and took it to heart and forced suggested to my family that we make one for ourselves.  Well, everyone got on board pretty quickly and Chris made the frame for me and we went to work… img_3815_2.jpg.

  img_3817_3.jpg We have planted lettuce, corn, carrots, watermelon, cantaloupe, beans, tomatoes and cucumbers.img_3818_4.jpgimg_3821_5.jpgimg_3822_6.jpgimg_3823_7.jpg  We are planning on making another one for just watermelon and another one for just pumpkins.  I’m so excited!  I really am a domestic at heart….just a lazy domestic and this was so much easier than digging up a portion of the yard, making rows, fencing it off, etc.  I just love it!  Thanks Debbie!!!  Plus, there is the added bonus of feeling like we are heeding our church leaders council to be more self-reliant.  Before you know it I’ll be canning and sewing and cleaning the house….crazy times! 🙂 img_3825_9.jpgimg_3828_1.jpgimg_3829_10.jpg


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