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The End of an Era

The flag football spring season is over (I know, I know…football in spring????  Here in Texas there is no such thing as a football “season” or a baseball “season.”  It’s just sports, sports, sports all the time!).  For Connor and his friends this marks more than just the end of a season, this is the end of an era. 

Next year Connor will be in tackle football.  Pads, helmet…the whole works.  Connor has been playing football for the past 4 years now with Chris being a coach for most of that time.  I have to admit, I was worried about Connor playing football in Texas.  Football in Texas is NO JOKE and I was picturing a horror of a coach.  You know, yelling, cussin, spittin, totally competitive…way over the top.  But, we were soooo lucky to land in Coach King’s hands.  This guy is an amazing coach.  I knew it was going to be a great experience when Chris respected and really liked the guy (Chris has HIGH coaching standards). 

So, the last game was on Saturday and the girls and I actually arrived on time and I got a chance to take a lot of pictures.


The boys have so much fun playing and Chris just loves to coach.


Even though they have a lot of fun playing…this game is also serious business to these boys.


Plus, you have to keep in mind all the pretty girls that may be watching you…


In the end, it was all about the time we all shared together.  Fathers and sons, every Friday and Saturday spending time together.  You just don’t get that opportunity very often.



I’m sad that it’s over, mostly because I didn’t appreciate this time very much.  I was often overwhelmed by life and just saw football as “one more thing” that had to be “fit in” to an over-stuffed schedule.  You know what has dawned on me??  I will never be here again.  I will never be a mother to my children at this stage again and it goes fast…just like we all say.  I need to relax, keep my mouth shut, be patient and enjoy this time.  Because, really, what else do I have to do?  And when again am I going to be allowed to witness boys being this happy to just be together and have fun? 




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I always knew I was a country girl!

I have been gone a long, long time blogging world.  I am so sorry….especially to the three or so of you who read my blog.  I have been sick.  Sick, sick, sick and tired!  (Always wanted to say that!)  Anywhoo, I got that virus that is going around and my friend Sarah told me that viruses usually stick around for 10 days, so I’ve had this nastiness for 2 1/2 weeks….either Sarah is wrong (too sweet to be wrong) or I am an overachiever.  Let’s go with that.

After watching a very motivating presentation by Debbie at church about raised bed gardening, I forced suggested to the family that we start one and we did early in the Summer.

Well, some stuff actually grew!  We got 3 cucumbers, some lettuce, deformed carrots, many grape tomatoes and a cantaloupe!  I knew I had it in me!  I am soooo not living the life I was meant to.  I mean how can you look at those results and not see that I am meant for the county life!  Seriously.  How much harder could a ranch/farm be?  Just bigger, right?  Well, here are the pictures of our bounty and I have big plans for next Spring!  Anyone know any good recipes for turnips??? (Don’t like ’em, but bet I could grow ’em!) 🙂

This was our one normal looking carrot.

I forgot to take of picture of the cantaloupe whole….ugh!


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Well, I’m not at church today and I should probably be there today more than any other day.  Today is the year anniversary of Amber’s death and I feel bad.  In fact, I’m probably wallowing in my bad and sad feelings more than I should be.  I just miss her and I miss our family the way we used to be before last Summer.  I guess it’s that feeling of a sudden realization that you are not immune to bad stuff happening, that you are a part of the world that suffers.  For me it was like jumping into a cold pool….really shocking at first and then just numb.  I know that without suffering I wouldn’t have the fullness of joy that the Lord wants me to have, but today I just feel sad.  Although, I have to admit that I’m feeling a lot of strong feelings today and I have to thank the Lord for that.  Connor, Gracie and Emma all climbed in her crib to “cuddle” together and when I found them all hugging and cuddling, I could’ve dropped to my knees from the overwhelming love I felt right then.  Would I feel so strongly that love if last Summer hadn’t happened?  I don’t know.  I just know that God knows what is going on and I have to have faith in that.  I have to have faith;I have to refine that faith so that I can function  on days like today.  I’ve been thinking that after this year, I’m not sure I want to recognize this day anymore.  I would rather remember her birthday or the first time I met her (when she was 2) or the first time she held each of my children.  Today is just hard.  I feel heavy from the weight of it.  The physical symptoms of grief are amazing.  The utter weight of it is a physical sensation that I did not completely understand before.  It takes a lot of work to grieve and it’s not fun.  Chris is doing so well.  He is such a good example to our children and myself.  He is at church today and took all the kiddos.  He knows where he can find comfort and peace and here I sit.  At the computer.  Crying.  I am not making good choices. 

Amber, I miss you.  I miss you sassing me and everyone around you.  I miss your affection for my kids.  I miss your hugs.  I miss trying to give you advice you wanted nothing to do with.  I miss your temper.  I miss your devotion and loyalty to all those you loved.  I just miss you….warts and all.

I’m gonna go eat something and clean.

Thanks for listening.



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White men CAN jump…they just can’t land.

Church basketball vs. 37 year old man.

Winner….church basketball.

I signed his cast, “your devoted wife.”  I think that says it all….

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Back tracking….Camping Trip!

So, I am finally going to go back and blog about all the stuff that’s been happening around here in the last few weeks! 

img_3683_8.jpgimg_3682_7.jpgimg_3675_5.jpgimg_3690_10.jpgimg_3667_2.jpgFirst off, camping with the Castaneda family!  It was sooooooooo FUN!img_3666_1.jpgimg_3669_3.jpgimg_3717_1.jpg  I have been camping like two times in my whole life and was kinda worried about how I would like camping and all, but it was great!  It didn’t hurt that Tam and Cesar had tons of good camping equipment and had brought the boat. 🙂  The only hiccup in the trip was the temp dropped alittle more than expected at night and we started to freeze.  We just huddled together and it all worked out.  Next time we’ll be old pro’s and will be more prepared!  img_3686_9.jpgNick even cooked a peach cobbler over the fire in his dutch oven.  We were all very impressed with his camping cook skills. 

The next morningimg_3731_5.jpg Chris made us all breakfast (yummmm) and then we headed out on the boat.  Well, almost all of us.  Tam and Jakie stayed back to spend “quality” time togetherimg_3743_11.jpg.  I was worried that Gracie and Emma wouldn’t like the boat….too fast, too much spray….but, I was WAY wrong.  They LOVED it!img_3732_6.jpgimg_3735_7.jpgimg_3738_9.jpgimg_3739_8.jpgimg_3740_10.jpg  Gracie kept yelling, “I was BORN for this”img_3730_4.jpg with her hands in the air and Emma kept screaming her happy scream and saying, “more boat, more boat!”  After boating for an hour or so, we went back to camp, ate lunch and broke camp.  Everyone decided to have one more go on the boat (this time I opted to sit out…not enough room for us all) and then went home tired and happy.img_3745_12.jpg


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My Girls

gracie-pig-tales_1.jpgimg_3351_8.jpgimg_3356_10.jpgimg_3360_11.jpgimg_3365_12.jpgimg_3373_14.jpgChris has always had more patience and desire to do the girls hair than I do.  He decided to try and put Emma’s hair in pig tails.  When Gracie saw the results she  demanded Daddy do her hair.  Daddy did a pretty bang up job if you ask me!


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Ok, Ok….I’m supposed to be cleaning my house for the babysitter to come tonight!  Sounds crazy right?  Cleaning for a young gal, but those of you who have “dropped” by can attest to how horrible my house can get.  I can not subject that poor girl to this house…especially since I really like her Mom and she has never been here before! 🙂  So, I’m taking a “break” in the cleaning to blog, that’s reasonable right?  right?????  I can’t believe that there have been over 1000 hits on this blog since I started it!  Crazy!  I’m guessing it’s like 10 of you bored at home just checking it 10 times a day.  But still!  Watch out, I might start to think that you guys like this and it’ll go to my head and there will be no dealing with me! 

So the reason I am cleaning is because the babysitter is coming over and the reason a babysitter is coming over is because Chris and I are going out!!  Yea!  We are going out to eat (thanks Mom and Mom-In-Law) for our anniversary and then we are going to our Ward Temple night.  Chris and I never get to go out alone together, so I’m excited!  Plus, we haven’t been to the Temple for a long time so that will be nice.  I like to go and see what new things I learn and what new thoughts I have.  The Temple is pretty amazing, there is nowhere else like it.

Ok….time to face the music….back to cleaning I go!  How much do you think it would cost me to bribe the kids to do it????  Hmmmmmm

Ps…I have lost a total of 11.3 pounds since Feb. 5!  Yea me! 🙂


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