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My Baby…My Big Girl

Emma is 3 years old today…THREE!  I know I sound like every other parent out there, but really!  Where does the time go?  I feel especially frustrated that the time has gone so quickly with Emma because after having Connor and Gracie I knew that time was going to fly and I made the conscience effort to pay attention.  To slow down and enjoy the moments.  To notice the little moments.

I thought that doing all of that would some how slow down time.  Would allow me to have my baby just a bit longer.  I was wrong.

Emma is my baby.  Mine.  When God told me to have Emma…well, yell is more like it…I already had the “perfect” family.  A boy and a girl.  One of each.  I would be a rich woman if I had a dollar for everytime someone (mostly strangers) said, “Oh, how lovely!  A boy and a girl!  Now you can be done!”  I didn’t feel done, but who was I to argue with “perfection?” 🙂

Then there was the night.  The night when God yelled at me that I was waiting too long.  That there was a little girl just waiting to come to our family and we were taking to long.  Her name was Emma and she was getting impatient.  I cried on my bed that night to Chris.  Told him what I knew; what God had told me.  I had never had an experience like that before and I haven’t since.  But, when God yells, I listen.

Emma has been a joyous addition to our family.  She is cute, fun, kind and stubborn.  She expects the world to revolve around her because usually it does.  She has changed so much since she was born with such chubby cheeks that she could barely open her eyes.  She is loved and she loves back.

Happy Birthday Emma!  We love you!

Emma Marie Hess  9lbs 6 oz 20 inches


Three days after she is born







Emma turns 1, we call it the orange year.


Emma with her cousin.  He was born one day before her…a year apart.  Oh, just to update a previous post, Emma’s birthday is tomorrow…NOT Tuesday.  I give a word of thanks to my little sister for  teasing torturing pointing that mistake out to me.  And just on a side note, she worships admires stalks is so in tune with me that not only did she steal have her first born almost on Emma’s birthday, but she is expecting again and will give birth right around Gracie or Connor’s birthdays!  Love ya Sis! 😉


Emma two.


Emma today with her two favorite people in the whole world!




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Gracie girl

Today is my little Gracie girl is seven years old.  She is literally the light of our lives.  Her smile and her eyes could light up a room in the darkest cave.  Gracie is our story teller and our resident artist.  She brings us so much joy and happiness…..we wouldn’t be us without her.

We love you sweetie!

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It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to…

img_3211_1.jpgimg_3214_2.jpgimg_3226_3.jpgimg_3236_4.jpgimg_3242_5.jpgEmma’s BirthdayWell, my baby is two years old today!  I can’t believe it!  I know it’s the cliche’ of parenthood, but MAN it goes fast!  To be honest it was a pretty lousy day.  It was raining and very cold and Emma was SO fussy all day.  I mean FUSSY!  I think she must be getting sick or something because she is usually not this fussy or so easy to cry.  The night has ended on a high note though, she is now happy and playing with her new toys….especially her little trampoline that she got from Grandmom and Grandpop.  All three kids love it.  The dud of the night is the plasma car Chris and I got her.  Connor and Gracie love it-Emma won’t go near it!  Oh well.  It’s hard to believe that it was two years ago today that I went into the hospital and had my c-section.  I was so scared.  I was more scared than I was with Connor or Gracie.  I don’t know why…maybe just dreading the operation.  Ironically, Emma’s birth was the easiest, so I was worrying for nothing.  She had such huge cheeks and even though we took her early still weighed 9lbs 6oz!  Good gravy!  Can I grow them or what?!  She was by far the most mellow baby I had ever seen.  I’m not exaggerating.  She didn’t cry.  Literally.  Not for food, not because she was tired, nothing.  She would make noises when she wanted something…little grunts or squirming noises, but wouldn’t cry.  The first time she cried was when she was six weeks old and you would’ve thought Chris and I were first time parents with the way we freaked out.  We were sure she was dying or something.  She cried for 10 minutes straight and then calmed down and we never did figure out what was wrong.  After being quiet for so long she probably just had to let it out or maybe we were bugging her.  Who knows-babies like to keep the mystery in a relationship!  Emma has been a true joy to all of us, especially her brother and sister.  They both love her to a degree that surprises me daily.  Emma has been such a miracle in our lives that it actually makes us want more children….so who knows what the future holds!

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