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Ice Storm ’09

Well, if you live anywhere in North Texas then you could not avoid the constant discussion and threat of “ICE STORM ’09.”  I love how every time there is a storm of any import the media gives it a title and (if it’s a really big deal) it’s own theme song.  School was cancelled yesterday and really…there wasn’t a reason.  The threat of the storm was so hyped that I can only guess that the school district thought to play safe and cancel school.  I can’t blame them, if you watched the news it was touted as the storm of the century… almost.  And this storm really was a killer further north than us, just around here…not so much.  Then the storm finally did hit last night and school had to be cancelled again today.  I was glad…honestly.  I like having my kids at home with me.  It can be loud and chaotic, but I really do like it.  I feel like the older they get the less time they get to spend together forging their relationships with each other.  They learn to appreciate each other and they have been playing so nicely together the last two days.  Mental note…set aside more time for them to be together…

Here is what the great ice storm produced at our house:





And here is the result of being home from school, cold and with a Mom who won’t make a fire…






The last two photos weren’t staged at all….:)


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How do I have time to take these cute pictures of my girls while in the midst of a huge and overwhelming move you ask??  Why by living in my favorite place…Procrastination town in the state of Denial!  When they are getting along there is nothing sweeter;  when they are not, well…get outa the way!


Gracie had made Emma a apple juice popsicle because apple juice is Emma’s favorite drink in the world.   Here they are with the finished product after church:






I will have a moving post up soon, I promise.  But, while I am on vacation in Procrastination, I will just take my pictures, read and lay in the bath, thankyouverymuch!


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3…2…1…Happy New Year!

Here is how we (the cool people) chose to spend our New Year’s Eve….


First, a rousing game of Apples to Apples (we had never played before…quite fun)!


Next come the party hats…a must have.


Cuddle on the couch and watch the ball drop…


Toast the New Year with the VERY special Dublin Dr. Pepper.  If you don’t know what’s special about Dublin Dr. Pepper…well, that’s another story.


And finally…blowing your horns outside to welcome in the New Year! 


Well folks, who needs those fancy, smancy parties with their lobster tail, crab and champagne?!  Not us!  Well, the lobster and crab would’ve been nice…and maybe dancing or a movie…BUT I digress!  This is the stuff that New Years Eves are meant to be!  I hope you all had as cool a New Year’s as we did! 🙂


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