The first cut is the deepest…

Emma has had her hair cut for the first time and it only took 2 3/4 years. 

I think I finally get why my Mom never let me do anything fun to my hair.  According to her (and the hair dresser…her dear friend…I smell a conspiracy!) my hair was to “pretty” and “to die for” to color or straighten or cut too dramatically.  Made for a way fun teenage experience, let me tell ya! 

But, now I have a child that has that hair.  Emma’s hair is way nicer than mine was…my hair would turn into a fro if it got too long…her hair just hangs in pretty ringlets. I admit I was afraid.  Afraid that if we cut it, even a little, the curl would go away.  So it was with great courage and fortitude that Chris and I headed over to the local hair shop.  Emma was excited the whole way, “I get my hair cut!”  She sat right down and held very still and never fussed.  I tried to snap as many pictures as possible, but as you can see, she became a little annoyed with her Mama as she was a very serious big girl getting her hair cut and I was bugging her. 

Oh, my fear was for not.  Emma’s curls are as bouncy as ever and she can’t wait to get another hair cut.






Another passage of childhood that I wasn’t able to put off.  Sigh….



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8 responses to “The first cut is the deepest…

  1. Tamara

    Emma would be adorable no matter what, but I sure love her ringlets, too. Glad she kept them and did so well for you when getting her hair cut!

  2. Julie Egan

    I was about to give up on your blog : ).

    Oh, how I’ve always wished for a baby with curls. I’ve never had any trouble having my kids get their first hair cuts – probably because it’s always so straight and mullet-looking. Emma is so beautiful.

  3. Debbie

    I’m glad to hear that about that first hair-cut with a curly haired little one. We haven’t cut Christina’s either. With curls, it hides any unevenness, so we will postpone it until we have too.

    Emma is adorable. I am impressed she sat so well. Mine are wiggleworms and hate haircuts!

  4. Grammies

    I must say I’m impressed with your “I can do this”in getting Emma’s hair cut. It looks good and she was a very good girl in the chair for the first time. I’m just sad I couldn’t do it for her.
    Hugs and Kisses

  5. Becky

    I just love what a “big” girl Emma is. She just makes me laugh. I love her ringlets too. I am glad she kept them. I think she gets annoyed when I play with them! I just can’t resist. None of my kids have anything close to that. Emma is just a cutie!

  6. Emma you rock! What a good girl you were sitting there for your first cut. I hope Nicolas does as well as you did 🙂 When I see you I’m going to give you a BIG hug and a kiss 🙂

    Love you!

  7. Hey, where are the after pics??? Glad her curls stayed, my girls lost theirs…:-( Emma is ADORABLE!!!

  8. Melanie O.

    Such a pretty girl. And you’re right….it’s hard to stop the passage of childhood, mine are growing up way too fast!!

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