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The first cut is the deepest…

Emma has had her hair cut for the first time and it only took 2 3/4 years. 

I think I finally get why my Mom never let me do anything fun to my hair.  According to her (and the hair dresser…her dear friend…I smell a conspiracy!) my hair was to “pretty” and “to die for” to color or straighten or cut too dramatically.  Made for a way fun teenage experience, let me tell ya! 

But, now I have a child that has that hair.  Emma’s hair is way nicer than mine was…my hair would turn into a fro if it got too long…her hair just hangs in pretty ringlets. I admit I was afraid.  Afraid that if we cut it, even a little, the curl would go away.  So it was with great courage and fortitude that Chris and I headed over to the local hair shop.  Emma was excited the whole way, “I get my hair cut!”  She sat right down and held very still and never fussed.  I tried to snap as many pictures as possible, but as you can see, she became a little annoyed with her Mama as she was a very serious big girl getting her hair cut and I was bugging her. 

Oh, my fear was for not.  Emma’s curls are as bouncy as ever and she can’t wait to get another hair cut.






Another passage of childhood that I wasn’t able to put off.  Sigh….



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The Past and the Future


Well, today is election day.  I just want to encourage everyone to go and vote.  When you vote you honor the sacrifices made in the past and give voice to the future you want this country to have.  GO VOTE!

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