Flash Back Friday

Has a ring doesn’t it?  I’m gonna try and start a tradition here and I admit it would help if some of you other bloggers out there would join in too.  If you want to start a groovy Flash Back Friday  tradition too, then just leave a comment with your blog link and we can all share in the humiliation joy of looking back through photographs.  Flash back with me won’t you??

I’m sure you can all guess by the joy of my expression when this picture is taken.  I mean, the pure joy teenagers’ facial expressions can be must just scream out to you what day this is!  Ok, so the tree gave it away, but I’m sure my abject JOY could be felt through the Internet.  Now to fully appreciate the look on my face, you must be told something about my family.  I am sitting there on Christmas morning in front of no less than 50 presents.  I’m not exaggerating.  In fact, I may be selling the amount short.  My sister and I were the object of my Mother’s Christmas insanity.  At the time…let me tell ya…I quite enjoyed my Mom’s mental illness during the holidays.  But, my Mom made me SWEAR not to repeat the sickness with my own children and I can appreciate that now.  My kids still have it pretty good (no matter what they may say), but I have ended the insanity.  I still feel the tug though…just one more….oh, they would LOVE that…what’s one more game?????  But, I still can feel the underlying stress in the house from my Mom knowing she spent WAY too much and the underlying guilt my Sis and I felt when we were surrounded by all the stuff.  My Mom and Dad loved us so much, but she has come to realize that she got caught up and wants us to avoid that with our own children.  Gotta love it when your 37 3/4 and still learning from your Ma…:)



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3 responses to “Flash Back Friday

  1. Julie Egan

    Great picture. I’m definitely looking forward to your weekly flashbacks! (I’ve got one on my blog for you…)

  2. Debbie

    I’d like to join in your tradition – maybe next Friday. Today is crazy at our house.

    Love your hair in the photo. Hope you have a fun Halloween tonight!

  3. Tamara

    Well, I think I already posted all MY embarrassing photos on my blog. I’ll have to see if I can dig up another one I’m willing to publish. I’ll try for next Friday. I can appreciate (envy) the Christmas “insanity” ’cause with 7 kids at our house, we didn’t quite have the same experience!

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