Eyrrrr…that’s what a pirate says, right??

Need I say more?  I think not.



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6 responses to “Eyrrrr…that’s what a pirate says, right??

  1. Love it! When was this picture taken??

  2. Debbie

    Ahoy! Great photo – I love those a blast from the past. It makes me want to head to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney. You guys are cute!

  3. jdhess71

    According to Amoreena…this picture was taken at the Black Cat dance senior year. I can’t believe Rudy and I were withit enough to come up with matching costumes…:)

  4. Sarah

    I am so glad you are finally going through the boxes in your garage. It’s so entertaining. However, I think the actual term is “ARGGGGH.” Dallin likes geeky t-shirts and he has one that is bright green with an argyle print on the front. The name of the shirt is “arggggggh”yle because the print is made of diamonds with pirate skulls, bones, swords and other pirate stuff. What can I say he’s a geek! I think that just went on my list of things to post about – Dallin’s geek t-shirts. I’m sure you’re dying with anticipation.

  5. Tamara

    THAT is classic! Simply greatness!! You sure look like you were enjoying yourself! Keep these photos coming 🙂

  6. I love this picture so much I’m speechless : ).

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