Guess what decade???

My sister and I back in the day.  It looks like my b-day or something and we are posing in front of the dining room table with my loot behind.  Sorry for the quality, this is a Polaroid and I found it in a bin of my Aunt’s stuff in the garage.  Yes, after almost a year and a half, I am finally going through the stuff I inherited from my Aunt’s house last Summer.  That is a whole other post….



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5 responses to “Guess what decade???

  1. Oh my goodness…what a bunch of hotties!!!! I think I remember those models from the 90’s…weren’t they in a Bon Jovie video??? 🙂

  2. Julie… I totally had the same perm as you. I think we were meant to be twins. Love it.

  3. Sarah

    But the question is – was it a perm? I bet you could let your hair grow out a few months and you could pull off this look without a perm. And so could I:)

  4. jdhess71

    Well ladies! You are looking at a picture with two big haired ladies…one with a perm and one without! I have never had a perm, so that big ol hair is all me! You can see this hair style start to form even now when I go too long without a haircut….:)

  5. Tamara

    LOL!! I love these dated photos. Share more when you get a chance! You and your sister do look a lot alike in this photo. I also had to get a perm to get that look. You are lucky it comes naturally!

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