Trunk o’ Treat

Did I put the apostrophe in the right place up there??  Oh well.  Tonight was Trunk o’ Treat!  I love Halloween and all things Halloween, so I love parking my car, opening up the tail gait and watching little ones go around and around all dressed up and getting as much candy as they can!  I can say, with all objectivity, that my kids were the cutest and most original kiddos there.  Well, except for Emma–she was a princess.  Very cute, but not original.  Plus, she had a big egg on her forehead from where her face hit the floor because she was trying to go “bery fast and got big boink.”  Connor was an Italian Pizza box (hmmm, ok) and Gracie was the bride of Frankenstein.  I have to say that her hair and makeup were to die for…I wonder who could possibly be talented enough to have her look soooo good??  I’m humble if nothing else…:)

Here is the whole gang.  My two other guys looked awesome as the Burger King and Indiana Jones.

Here is my awesome handy work Gracie as the Bride.

Here is my odd creative son as his self titled:  Italian Pizza Box Guy.

Here is Emma wearing her little jacket because it was getting chilly and she wanted to hurry up and get candy!!

This is the face you get when you’ve asked for one too many photos….

And here is the face you get when they announce it’s almost time to start going…

And here is the shot you get when no one is looking….

I just LOVE Halloween, don’t you????



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3 responses to “Trunk o’ Treat

  1. Wow…what cute children!!!!

    You did a great job with Gracie’s hair Julie…cudos to you 🙂 She looked just like the bride of Frankenstein.

    Connor rocked as the Pizza dude!

    Emma looked adorable as a princess…but isn’t she a princess everyday??? 🙂

    Happy halloween everyone!

    Love and miss you all!

  2. Debbie

    I would agree that your kids’ costumes were so clever. Gracie’s makeup and hair were amazing. You guys were oozing creativity and I’m glad you came. Fun to see you all at the school too last week!

  3. Tamara

    LOL…so cute! I love how the costumes turned out. I wish I had an ounce of your creativity 🙂 Glad you guys had so much fun!

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