While we’re on food….

During conference a couple of weeks ago, I decided to make apple pie.  Well, Gracie wanted to help, but I have to admit….sometimes little kids getting their hands into baked goods…well, it grosses me out.  Just being real here.  So, when Gracie could sense my total unwillingness hesitation at her helping with my pie; that smart girl came up with a great idea!  The little pie!  Totally all her.  She used scrapes of the dough for the crust, got out her little pie pan (thanks Grammies) and went to work.  I was really happy with how well she did!  I even had a little bite…what can ya do???  She is my Gracie girl…little grubby hands and all! 🙂



Filed under family, food, Gracie, superior parenting

3 responses to “While we’re on food….

  1. Those both look REALLY good. I might become an Apple Pie fan now. 🙂

    Give Gracie a big High-5!

  2. In case you’re wondering… I absolutely LOVE apple pie : ). Those look yummy.

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