Jenny, if you’re out there…

I miss you!!! 

ps…I’d better see the red dot on my map get really big in Australia!!  Just sayin…



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2 responses to “Jenny, if you’re out there…

  1. Jenny

    Holy Cow! An entire post just about me! I am totally honored! I miss you too! I just got an email from Tamara saying that they are putting their house on the market! What? Our entire ward is changing! Our house still hasn’t sold, so we may be back in a year! How is everything in your home? Australia is beautiful. We are looking at an apartment overlooking the bay. The kids are not in school yet, driving me a bit crazy, but we want to find the best fit for them and for us. We are trying to live close in to the city so that J will have a short commute. I will email you later. Love you.

  2. Tamara

    Jenny, can I hop to say in I’ve been thinking of you as well!?! So glad you are safely in Australia. Good luck getting settled in. You are already missed and we can’t wait to see/read a blog from you!

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