How’d ya like them omatoes?

Much to my surprise our little tomato plant keeps giving us tons of little, grape tomatoes…or as Emma says, “omatoes.”  As in, “Mommy, lets go check the omatoes and pic um and eat um!”  I’m lucky if half what we pick makes it into the house.  I have never seen a little gal shove tomatoes in her mouth faster than our Emma.



Filed under Emma, family, garden, motherhood, superior parenting

2 responses to “How’d ya like them omatoes?

  1. Tamara

    I have to say those “omatoes” look very tasty. Are they ripening like that on the vine, or do you pull them off green and they ripen inside? That’s great Emma likes them so much. Hopefully she’ll continue to enjoy fruits and veggies as snacks!

  2. Debbie

    I am impressed with your gardening ability. Those tomatoes look tasty. We’ve never done well with a vegie garden.

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