The Pre-teen of the House

I am SO behind on blogging!  I’m not sure I can afford to be behind on one more thing in my life.  Don’t worry, I won’t give up blogging….maybe cleaning or laundry….I’m always behind on those things anyways.  Anyhoo…this post is about my darling son Connor.  My first born.  My little man is becoming…well, a little man.  He is playing trumpet in school and recently attended his first dance.  Yes, his first DANCE!  Ugh.  Oh.  Even writing that made my heart tear just a bit.

I should clarify though.  I use the word dance loosely here.  Connor basically went to an after school activity with his two best buds, ran around and there was music there.  He told me he danced “a little”, but not with any girls (thank goodness…he’s 11 for heavens sake! Also, he’s short…do I need to paint a picture of where his eyes would be in a slow dance…I didn’t think so).

My boy is growing up and I’m not.  Is there a secret age at which your children become more mature than you?  After reading that last paragraph, he may have already passed me.

He’s starting to make recognizable music now.

Looking swave for the dance where he didn’t dance.


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One response to “The Pre-teen of the House

  1. Debbie

    It seems like our kids grow up too fast. Connor is sure cute. I remember the school dances in junior high being the same way. The boys mainly were sliding around in the saw dust and goofing off. Of course, boys were lined up in one side of the gym and girls on the other. Fun times!

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