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Flash Back Friday

Has a ring doesn’t it?  I’m gonna try and start a tradition here and I admit it would help if some of you other bloggers out there would join in too.  If you want to start a groovy Flash Back Friday  tradition too, then just leave a comment with your blog link and we can all share in the humiliation joy of looking back through photographs.  Flash back with me won’t you??

I’m sure you can all guess by the joy of my expression when this picture is taken.  I mean, the pure joy teenagers’ facial expressions can be must just scream out to you what day this is!  Ok, so the tree gave it away, but I’m sure my abject JOY could be felt through the Internet.  Now to fully appreciate the look on my face, you must be told something about my family.  I am sitting there on Christmas morning in front of no less than 50 presents.  I’m not exaggerating.  In fact, I may be selling the amount short.  My sister and I were the object of my Mother’s Christmas insanity.  At the time…let me tell ya…I quite enjoyed my Mom’s mental illness during the holidays.  But, my Mom made me SWEAR not to repeat the sickness with my own children and I can appreciate that now.  My kids still have it pretty good (no matter what they may say), but I have ended the insanity.  I still feel the tug though…just one more….oh, they would LOVE that…what’s one more game?????  But, I still can feel the underlying stress in the house from my Mom knowing she spent WAY too much and the underlying guilt my Sis and I felt when we were surrounded by all the stuff.  My Mom and Dad loved us so much, but she has come to realize that she got caught up and wants us to avoid that with our own children.  Gotta love it when your 37 3/4 and still learning from your Ma…:)



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Eyrrrr…that’s what a pirate says, right??

Need I say more?  I think not.


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Guess what decade???

My sister and I back in the day.  It looks like my b-day or something and we are posing in front of the dining room table with my loot behind.  Sorry for the quality, this is a Polaroid and I found it in a bin of my Aunt’s stuff in the garage.  Yes, after almost a year and a half, I am finally going through the stuff I inherited from my Aunt’s house last Summer.  That is a whole other post….


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Trunk o’ Treat

Did I put the apostrophe in the right place up there??  Oh well.  Tonight was Trunk o’ Treat!  I love Halloween and all things Halloween, so I love parking my car, opening up the tail gait and watching little ones go around and around all dressed up and getting as much candy as they can!  I can say, with all objectivity, that my kids were the cutest and most original kiddos there.  Well, except for Emma–she was a princess.  Very cute, but not original.  Plus, she had a big egg on her forehead from where her face hit the floor because she was trying to go “bery fast and got big boink.”  Connor was an Italian Pizza box (hmmm, ok) and Gracie was the bride of Frankenstein.  I have to say that her hair and makeup were to die for…I wonder who could possibly be talented enough to have her look soooo good??  I’m humble if nothing else…:)

Here is the whole gang.  My two other guys looked awesome as the Burger King and Indiana Jones.

Here is my awesome handy work Gracie as the Bride.

Here is my odd creative son as his self titled:  Italian Pizza Box Guy.

Here is Emma wearing her little jacket because it was getting chilly and she wanted to hurry up and get candy!!

This is the face you get when you’ve asked for one too many photos….

And here is the face you get when they announce it’s almost time to start going…

And here is the shot you get when no one is looking….

I just LOVE Halloween, don’t you????


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Jenny, if you’re out there…

I miss you!!! 

ps…I’d better see the red dot on my map get really big in Australia!!  Just sayin…


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While we’re on food….

During conference a couple of weeks ago, I decided to make apple pie.  Well, Gracie wanted to help, but I have to admit….sometimes little kids getting their hands into baked goods…well, it grosses me out.  Just being real here.  So, when Gracie could sense my total unwillingness hesitation at her helping with my pie; that smart girl came up with a great idea!  The little pie!  Totally all her.  She used scrapes of the dough for the crust, got out her little pie pan (thanks Grammies) and went to work.  I was really happy with how well she did!  I even had a little bite…what can ya do???  She is my Gracie girl…little grubby hands and all! 🙂


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