I always knew I was a country girl!

I have been gone a long, long time blogging world.  I am so sorry….especially to the three or so of you who read my blog.  I have been sick.  Sick, sick, sick and tired!  (Always wanted to say that!)  Anywhoo, I got that virus that is going around and my friend Sarah told me that viruses usually stick around for 10 days, so I’ve had this nastiness for 2 1/2 weeks….either Sarah is wrong (too sweet to be wrong) or I am an overachiever.  Let’s go with that.

After watching a very motivating presentation by Debbie at church about raised bed gardening, I forced suggested to the family that we start one and we did early in the Summer.

Well, some stuff actually grew!  We got 3 cucumbers, some lettuce, deformed carrots, many grape tomatoes and a cantaloupe!  I knew I had it in me!  I am soooo not living the life I was meant to.  I mean how can you look at those results and not see that I am meant for the county life!  Seriously.  How much harder could a ranch/farm be?  Just bigger, right?  Well, here are the pictures of our bounty and I have big plans for next Spring!  Anyone know any good recipes for turnips??? (Don’t like ’em, but bet I could grow ’em!) 🙂

This was our one normal looking carrot.

I forgot to take of picture of the cantaloupe whole….ugh!



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7 responses to “I always knew I was a country girl!

  1. Jenny

    Yeah! Now I know where to come to when disaster strikes! Congratulations. I am very excited for you. The cantaloupe looks yummy!

  2. My garden was terrible this year… the plants look great, but we hardly got any harvest. You’ll have to help me with mine next year : ).

  3. I’m glad you’re blogging again! Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Sarah C

    Are you still feeling nasty? The “a virus lasts 10 days” bit comes from my mom. It a rule to live by – if you’re still feeling bad after 10 days it might not be a virus and it would probably be a good idea to go see a doctor. So – you should have gone to a doctor about a week ago. Call tomorrow – I’ll watch Emma.

    You’re garden’s awesome – I can’t get Dallin convinced that our next project needs to be a garden out in the backyard. Maybe you can come help me and it will just magically appear one week while he’s out of town:)

    Seriously – go to the doctor – get better – and come build me a garden.

    Holy cow – long comment!

  5. jdhess71

    Sarah-you are too funny! I really do think I’m on the mend, but you can still watch Emma if you want….I mean, sure I’ll go to the doctor…not the movies. 🙂 You are very sweet to worry and I’m getting sick of the stuffy nose, so I will be making a trip to the doctor if it doesn’t go away….like tomorrow!

    My garden really wasn’t that awesome, but I was just happy some stuff grew. I would love to help you make a garden, but aren’t we kinda past the growing season???? Next Spring, I’m your gal!

  6. jdhess71

    Tam-I couldn’t just let you look like the talented gardener! That would leave our friendship unbalanced and who wants that?! Not me! 🙂

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