And awwway they go!

First day of school.  You would think I was dancing in the aisles, bouncing on the bed, running amok thru the homestead…well, a little.  But, it was a bittersweet day today.  I was so excited for both Connor and Gracie.  They were so excited for themselves, but the Summer went really quickly and I kinda like having my kiddos around.  Maybe it’s the dawning realization that time moves so quickly and school takes up a lot of that precious time that I could maybe be spending with them.  Or not. 

Having time alone with Emma for the first time in months was very sweet.  She was a new little girl today.  So cuddly.  So kissy.  Was she always like this and I have been too busy to notice?  Or was it the chance at alone time that brought out this undistracted side in her?  Hmmmm, who knows, but I’ll take all the cuddling she is givin out!

The new middle-schooler

The big 2nd grader

The wannabe

I’ll be keeping her as long as I can…..she won’t mind me going to prom with her, right?



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3 responses to “And awwway they go!

  1. Debbie

    Such cute kids. And my favorite was the wannabe pose. Very clever pics and post. I loved what you said about your one on one time. I’ve had those same feelings this week. I’m so much more aware of little things Daniel and Christina are doing – more time to notice, I guess!

  2. Jayne

    Starting school is fun and also makes me feel old!
    Your kids are growing up to fast and are so cute, love the veggie pictures, I grew Corn and tomatoes this year. Korissa ( our Grandaughter ) helped me in the yard. Also she started 1st grade , she loves it.
    Well, just had to comment.
    Aunt Jayne

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