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And awwway they go!

First day of school.  You would think I was dancing in the aisles, bouncing on the bed, running amok thru the homestead…well, a little.  But, it was a bittersweet day today.  I was so excited for both Connor and Gracie.  They were so excited for themselves, but the Summer went really quickly and I kinda like having my kiddos around.  Maybe it’s the dawning realization that time moves so quickly and school takes up a lot of that precious time that I could maybe be spending with them.  Or not. 

Having time alone with Emma for the first time in months was very sweet.  She was a new little girl today.  So cuddly.  So kissy.  Was she always like this and I have been too busy to notice?  Or was it the chance at alone time that brought out this undistracted side in her?  Hmmmm, who knows, but I’ll take all the cuddling she is givin out!

The new middle-schooler

The big 2nd grader

The wannabe

I’ll be keeping her as long as I can…..she won’t mind me going to prom with her, right?



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I’m tired

I’m tired.  I’m tired of being the parent.  Of being the one to make decisions.  The one who is responsible.  I’m tired.

I was laying on my bed tonight while the girls were in the shower watching the sun fade and the colors of the night sky among the trees.  Dusk is my favorite time of day.  I remember doing the exact same thing in my bedroom at home in Long Beach and tonight I wanted to be that girl again….just laying there watching the dusk approach night.

I need to get my act together…


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20 years….

A lot can happen in 20 years.  20 years ago I was getting ready to start my senior year of high school at Long Beach Polytechnic.  Yes, you guessed it!  My 20 year high school reunion is next Summer.  I just got the e-mail with the date and location. 

Can I tell you how this has just rocked my world?  Even recently, if I heard someone talking about a 20 year reunion I would think they were pretty old.  You know, mature and very settled in their life….old.  That is not me.  I mean, I don’t think that is me.  No, I’m definitely not mature.

Here is the thing….I’m totally starting to do that girl thing when it comes to events like this.  I’m thinking about how I look.  I’m also thinking about my accomplishments (or lack there of) alittle too, but mostly my looks.  Specifically my weight.  I really don’t want to go to the reunion fat.  Here are my options as I see them:

1.  Have surgery..lipo, band, something quick and requires little more from me than just showing up.

2.  Be pregnant at the reunion.  I don’t drink anyways and that is a great reason to be plump.

3.  Be secure in myself enough to have a great time regardless of my weight.

4.  Adopt a healthy lifestyle, loose weight and gain confidence through hard work and good food choices.

Yeah, I’m thinking #2 too.   Just kidding….maybe????


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Connor is trying to blog…again

Connor is attempting to blog again.  You can check him out here:

Just remember….his ability to spell (or to misspell) has NOTHING to do with defective genes from me.  Yea, it’s all Chris’s fault…yea, that’s write rite right!

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