I had to laugh…and share

Emma will hate me for this post one day, but I have to share.  She is 2 1/2 and she is potty training.  Every morning she wakes up and runs to her sister’s bedroom and takes out a pair of her “unerwhere” and puts it on (I’m not breaking down and buying Emma her own until I see she is serious about this potty training thing!).  Well, today she told me she had to go “poop” and so we went.  She sat down and did her business and when she was done, stood up and looked (ya always have to look) and declared, “Look!  I made a doggy poop!”  If you’ve seen our dog Tex you can guess at why she declared her poop to be “doggy” sized!

Goodness, but I love that girl!



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2 responses to “I had to laugh…and share

  1. Tamara

    LOL! You’re right..she’ll hate you for that one day, but thanks for sharing 😉

  2. So so funny!!! Check out my blog for our own recent “poop” story…

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