July 10, 1997

That was the day my first baby was born.  I was very large (not very in charge) and sitting in the doctors office on July 9 waiting for the results of the latest ultrasound.  Dr. O walks in and sits down saying he’s concerned because of my gestational diabetes and the size of the baby (we didn’t know the sex yet).  Dr. O doesn’t want to wait any more to deliver and my options are induction that night or a C-section the next morning.  Both options sound pretty bad to my first time mother mind.  Chris wants to go for it, but I keep hearing the doctor using words like “pelvic size,” “sholder distoucha” and he keeps looking at Chris and me and Chris again and discussing the “large size” of the baby.  Chris was 11lbs when he was born and I think the doctor was pretty concerned about Connor’s likely size.  Long story short….I had the C-section (wish I had gone the other way) and Connor Joseph Hess was born on July 10, 1997, weighing 8lbs 8oz and 20 inches long.  I totally think I could’ve pushed that sucker out! 😉

Connor is our first child, our practice kid.  He has a sweet heart and is wonderful with little children.  He loves all things football and is a deep thinker.  Our lives became bigger and more full than we could’ve imagined when we had him. 

We love you Connor!


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  1. Sarah

    Where are you Julie!?!?!?!?!?

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