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I had to laugh…and share

Emma will hate me for this post one day, but I have to share.  She is 2 1/2 and she is potty training.  Every morning she wakes up and runs to her sister’s bedroom and takes out a pair of her “unerwhere” and puts it on (I’m not breaking down and buying Emma her own until I see she is serious about this potty training thing!).  Well, today she told me she had to go “poop” and so we went.  She sat down and did her business and when she was done, stood up and looked (ya always have to look) and declared, “Look!  I made a doggy poop!”  If you’ve seen our dog Tex you can guess at why she declared her poop to be “doggy” sized!

Goodness, but I love that girl!



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I want some too

I just woke Emma up from her nap.  I know, “woke” a toddler up from her nap?!  Am I crazy?!  Lost my marbles??  Nope, we are just stuck in that awful land where nice long naps = partying until midnight or no nap and then to sleep at 7:30pm….only to wake up every hour after midnight because we (I use the term “we” loosely here) are restless.  So yes.  I woke her up from her nap.

As I was looking at her sleepy, pink face, her curls lightly plastered to her forehead ( it gets a little hot in her room ) I was turning all soft and smushy for this little creature.  I touched her lightly, smiled at her and said, “Wake up sleepy girl.”  Emma looked up at me with her big blue eyes and said, “I want candy.”


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I am alive…sort of

We have been having the month of guests.  I truly love it, but I kinda immerse myself in the experience.  I had to laugh today when I saw Sarah’s comment and it actually made me happy;  I’m missed!  Sigh…oh I feel so popular!  I love having family over and these visits were especially unique as it was the first time both my parents and my sister and her family were here at the same time.  Plus, earlier in the month when Chris’s Mom, Mike and Candy were here that was the first time Mike and Candy had been to this house, so it’s been a month of firsts. 

So, now back to the routine.  I have one more new experience to have this week and I’m looking forward to it.  It involves several 3-4 year olds and me trying to learn…I mean teach the gospel to them.  Watch out Sunbeams, here I come!

I’ll post pictures and more about all the WILD times we had later.

ps…thanks for missing me Sarah! 🙂


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July 10, 1997

That was the day my first baby was born.  I was very large (not very in charge) and sitting in the doctors office on July 9 waiting for the results of the latest ultrasound.  Dr. O walks in and sits down saying he’s concerned because of my gestational diabetes and the size of the baby (we didn’t know the sex yet).  Dr. O doesn’t want to wait any more to deliver and my options are induction that night or a C-section the next morning.  Both options sound pretty bad to my first time mother mind.  Chris wants to go for it, but I keep hearing the doctor using words like “pelvic size,” “sholder distoucha” and he keeps looking at Chris and me and Chris again and discussing the “large size” of the baby.  Chris was 11lbs when he was born and I think the doctor was pretty concerned about Connor’s likely size.  Long story short….I had the C-section (wish I had gone the other way) and Connor Joseph Hess was born on July 10, 1997, weighing 8lbs 8oz and 20 inches long.  I totally think I could’ve pushed that sucker out! 😉

Connor is our first child, our practice kid.  He has a sweet heart and is wonderful with little children.  He loves all things football and is a deep thinker.  Our lives became bigger and more full than we could’ve imagined when we had him. 

We love you Connor!

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