One Word

I stole this from Julie E’s blog and thought it seemed fun.  Plus, I’m avoiding housework like usual….

1. Where is your cell phone?   pocket
2. Your significant other?   Chris
3. Your hair?  curly
4. Your mother?  little
5. Your father?  funny
6. Your favorite thing?  family
7. Your dream last night?  test
8. Your favorite drink?  7-up
9. Your dream/goal?  forever
10. The room you’re in?  kitchen
11. Your children?  playing
12. Your fear?  illness
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years?  abundance
14. Where were you last night?  computer
15. What you’re not?  quiet
16. Muffins?  chocolate
17. One of your wish list items?  camera
18. Where you grew up?  California
20. What are you wearing?  deodorant
21. Your TV?  Watched
22. Your pets?  sleeping
23. Your computer?  On
24. Your life?  unbelievable
25. Your mood?  mellow
26. Missing someone? yes
27. Your car?  dirty
28. Something you’re not wearing?  make-up
29. Favorite Store?  Target
30. Your summer?  crazy
31. Like someone? everyone
32. Your favorite color?  green
33. Last time you laughed?  today
34. Last time you cried? yesterday 



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2 responses to “One Word

  1. Debbie

    This is great. You did an awesome job choosing a descriptive word that tells it all. Love the idea.

  2. I’m glad you stole this from my blog : ). Fun answers.

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