Never had in Long Beach

I’m still continuously surprised by the little changes in my life since moving to Flower Mound almost 5 years ago (5 years ago?!).  Sure it’s hotter than heck here some days and I don’t have the plethora of dining choices within a 5 mile radius like I did in CA, but I’ll trade it all for the frogs.  Yes, the frogs.

Now I just need to convince my family that frogs are worth it to move to Texas….



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3 responses to “Never had in Long Beach

  1. Debbie

    We’ve only seen one frog in our 8 years here. Daniel wish we could find more, though. Your kids look so joyful in these pictures. What great smiles!

  2. We’ve got frogs in our neighborhood as well. The two that visit our house the most (and have for the past several years… somehow my boys don’t realize that they’re different frogs…) are named “Frencher” and “Kermit”. We love to look for them at night.

  3. I love frogs. We’ve not had any creeping around lately, though. 😦 Also, I saw that you entered Pioneer Woman’s Zune contest. I’m having a contest on my blog right now to win 1 of 2 Nintendo DS systems. You should enter! 🙂

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