And then my little boy was gone…

I can’t deny it any longer…Connor is growing up.  He graduated from 5th grade last night and I about lost it.  I couldn’t believe how emotional I was feeling for a 5th grade graduation…not high school….5th grade!  Ugh.  Connor looked so grown up.  He has been DYING for a cell phone, so ages ago we said IF he did well in 5th grade and IF he became more responsible we would get him one for his 5th grade graduation.  At the time 5th grade graduation seemed FAR, FAR away and then all of a sudden here it was.  I am going to sound like a total hypocrite because I know there is NO reason for him to have a cell phone.  None.  But, we promised and it was the only thing he wanted, so we went to the Verizon store to find one of the free phones for him and they are discontinuing the Juke phone (which seems totally cool) and had it basically for free.  So, that is what Connor got for his 5th grade graduation.  He is in LOVE with that phone.  I am such a sucker for that kid…I was so happy to see how happy he was to get it.  He even texted me and told me that he was “so glad to have me 4 a mom.”  I admit…I melted in happiness.  Sad.  Mothers and sons…whatcha gonna do?  So, I am now officially Mother to a child in middle school, elementary school and pre-school…hmmmm….that is freaking me out right now….

Here we are at the pre dinner at Olive Garden:


“Hi Connor…”

“Hey Gracie…”

“I love me some breadsticks!”

Connor and Jessica

Hunter M, Hunter S and Connor

Connor and Charlotte

Hunter, Connor and Jacob

The whole gang!




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3 responses to “And then my little boy was gone…

  1. Tamara

    First of all, loved the photos! You can tell Connor looks thrilled with his new phone. Besides, like we spoke about, you can’t beat a present your kid loves that didn’t really cost ya anything! Congrats to Connor for a great year!

  2. Wow! Congrats Connor : ). Looks like a fun graduation and an awesome phone. Don’t tell my kids – they don’t get one until 8th grade. I’m really struggling with this “kids growing up” thing as well – we’ll make it!

  3. Debbie

    How cute is Connor. Congrats on graduating and getting a cell phone. I just loved how sweet he was to you about it too. Those little kind words go a long way as a Mom!

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