The Lost Boy..

Today has obviously been a blogging catch-up day!  Whew! 

Connor has become obsessed interested in an on-line game Runescape and we have lost him.  He wakes up early to play, he trys to play in between meals, he comes in early from swimming to play…it’s ridiculous!  He doesn’t know it yet, but Chris and I are going to put time limits on him.  That will be a fun discussion!  I know it has to be done because I don’t want him turning into one of those kids who only have friends on-line and become pale with dark circles under their eyes from being inside all the time.  I’m sure he will understand that we just have his best interest at heart…right?  I mean, he can’t point the finger at anyone else in the house that spends WAY too much time on the computer….right???


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