Here are some pictures from our day today.  I must be getting better at girl hair because notice the totally awesome ponytail Emma has!  WooHoo! 

She is READY to GO to church!  She love to sing the hymns.

I truly can’t believe I got these shots…Connor loves to cuddle Emma, but Emma gives him a hard time.

On a hot afternoon after church nothing tastes better than cold watermelon.  I have to point out that they shared this bowl WITHOUT coming to blows….I know….I’m a great Mom…




Filed under Connor, Emma, family, Gracie, Julie, superior parenting

2 responses to “Sunday

  1. Tamara

    Emma looks so cute with her hair in a ponytail for church. It makes her look older, too. The ones of her and Connor are especially sweet!

  2. Debbie

    The picture of your three kids is perfect. And yes, you are awesome at girl hair. Ponytails are not easy.

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