And I swore I wouldn’t be that parent…..

Oh, the school project….I remember thee well.  So, you all know this story.  Connor comes to me at 5:23pm and says, “Oh, that state report project is due tomorrow.”  I look at him incredulously and say, “What state report??”  and the story follows the same old line that has been handed down from generation to generation.  After much yelling, begging, threatening, etc.  Here is the completed project.

How do you like my his report?

Here he is on the presentation day. 

Here Connor is standing next to his friend Jessica…I just thought she looked so cute in her pioneer outfit!

P.S…..I got an “A” 🙂



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2 responses to “And I swore I wouldn’t be that parent…..

  1. Tamara

    hah-hah, I’ve SO been there. Good job, Julie. You can manage 5th grade work, now how will you do next year? HHHMMMMMM

  2. Debbie

    Too cute. I would choose California too, if I could! You did a great job. These schools sure keep us busy as Moms, don’t they? I need a break from it all and can’t wait for summer.

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