The Little Chapel of the West

February 12, 1994.  Las Vegas, Nevada.  Julie Diane Phipps (just turned 23) and Christopher David Hess (22 almost 23), are married.  Boy, we look young….

Luckily for us it was almost Valentine’s Day, so we didn’t need to spring for the wonderful and tasteful decorations in the chapel or the “Ice Castles” theme song that played in the background…..:)



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4 responses to “The Little Chapel of the West

  1. Jenny N.

    You look absolutely beautiful! Chris also looks very smug! He must have realized what a lucky guy he was and is! Just want to point out, though it should be obvious…I am not only making a comment, but am the very first one to do so!

  2. Debbie

    What a beautiful couple. It’s so fun to see people’s wedding pictures. Doesn’t it just seem like yesterday, though! I’m glad you posted this!

  3. I LOVE IT!! You and Chris both look great and so happy.

  4. Cyrena Ackerman


    I,m wishing you a wonderful year. The Goal of mine to find an address for The Little Chapel of the West
    I have found 91 address for chapels in Las Vegas but not I one I Need.

    Have a great time in Vegas. Cyrena ackerman

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