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Amber page

Just a quick post to let you know I added to Amber’s page.  Since it’s not its own blog, it doesn’t show if I’ve updated.  Take a gander if you like!


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Ah, to be Two again……

swinging barefoot in the spring breeze…..

stealing your brother’s “crazy hair day” wig and laughing because he can’t get it away from you………

taking advantage of your poor, loving mother while she is obsessing working on the computer by using $20 worth of band-aids…….

why you get away with it all…..


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The Little Chapel of the West

February 12, 1994.  Las Vegas, Nevada.  Julie Diane Phipps (just turned 23) and Christopher David Hess (22 almost 23), are married.  Boy, we look young….

Luckily for us it was almost Valentine’s Day, so we didn’t need to spring for the wonderful and tasteful decorations in the chapel or the “Ice Castles” theme song that played in the background…..:)


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“Children reflect in their behavior what they see in the home”…or so the old saying goes.  What does this say about me??


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