Why is it when you are young fun is more important than personal comfort?  I guess that’s why we adults are accused of being “boring” and “no fun” so often by the younger generation!  We went swimming for the first time of the season last night and the pool was COLD, but the kids loved it.  Chris and I stayed in the jacuzzi….we are SOOOOO BORING!





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6 responses to “Hypothermia

  1. Holy cow, I can’t imagine how cold it must have been. The young are so resilient… I’m just old and cranky 🙂

  2. love looking at all the new pictures of all of you and the kids are so cute! Thanks for sharing and I have pictures on myspace and thats the way I keep in touch with family as of now , I am not good with the computer yet.
    Love & hugs,

  3. I’m definitely a fair weather swimmer – let me know when it heats up and I’ll be over : ).

  4. Kerri

    Wow…it must have been freeeeezing!!! Looks like you are raising three “polar bears”.

    Love to everyone!

  5. Debbie

    Cute smiles! I have found my kids are the same. If there’s water to swim in, they want to get in no matter how cold. I am all about the hot tub. Oh, I saw you from afar at stake conference today. Lots of changes, huh? I hope you are enjoying your Sunday.

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