The Garden


We had a class at church on how to build and plant a raised bed vegetable garden.  I loved that class and took it to heart and forced suggested to my family that we make one for ourselves.  Well, everyone got on board pretty quickly and Chris made the frame for me and we went to work… img_3815_2.jpg.

  img_3817_3.jpg We have planted lettuce, corn, carrots, watermelon, cantaloupe, beans, tomatoes and cucumbers.img_3818_4.jpgimg_3821_5.jpgimg_3822_6.jpgimg_3823_7.jpg  We are planning on making another one for just watermelon and another one for just pumpkins.  I’m so excited!  I really am a domestic at heart….just a lazy domestic and this was so much easier than digging up a portion of the yard, making rows, fencing it off, etc.  I just love it!  Thanks Debbie!!!  Plus, there is the added bonus of feeling like we are heeding our church leaders council to be more self-reliant.  Before you know it I’ll be canning and sewing and cleaning the house….crazy times! 🙂 img_3825_9.jpgimg_3828_1.jpgimg_3829_10.jpg



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2 responses to “The Garden

  1. DUDE! Your grid is way better then mine. How did you do that??? Duh, I see now how I should have done mine. Oh well. Hey, we are getting little sprouts in our’s very exciting. We may actually get something to grow!

  2. Julie, this looks fantastic!

    My garden from last year is SO full of weeds and grass….grrrrr! I’ve been meaning to get it ready to plant…

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