Back tracking….Camping Trip!

So, I am finally going to go back and blog about all the stuff that’s been happening around here in the last few weeks! 

img_3683_8.jpgimg_3682_7.jpgimg_3675_5.jpgimg_3690_10.jpgimg_3667_2.jpgFirst off, camping with the Castaneda family!  It was sooooooooo FUN!img_3666_1.jpgimg_3669_3.jpgimg_3717_1.jpg  I have been camping like two times in my whole life and was kinda worried about how I would like camping and all, but it was great!  It didn’t hurt that Tam and Cesar had tons of good camping equipment and had brought the boat. 🙂  The only hiccup in the trip was the temp dropped alittle more than expected at night and we started to freeze.  We just huddled together and it all worked out.  Next time we’ll be old pro’s and will be more prepared!  img_3686_9.jpgNick even cooked a peach cobbler over the fire in his dutch oven.  We were all very impressed with his camping cook skills. 

The next morningimg_3731_5.jpg Chris made us all breakfast (yummmm) and then we headed out on the boat.  Well, almost all of us.  Tam and Jakie stayed back to spend “quality” time togetherimg_3743_11.jpg.  I was worried that Gracie and Emma wouldn’t like the boat….too fast, too much spray….but, I was WAY wrong.  They LOVED it!img_3732_6.jpgimg_3735_7.jpgimg_3738_9.jpgimg_3739_8.jpgimg_3740_10.jpg  Gracie kept yelling, “I was BORN for this”img_3730_4.jpg with her hands in the air and Emma kept screaming her happy scream and saying, “more boat, more boat!”  After boating for an hour or so, we went back to camp, ate lunch and broke camp.  Everyone decided to have one more go on the boat (this time I opted to sit out…not enough room for us all) and then went home tired and happy.img_3745_12.jpg



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2 responses to “Back tracking….Camping Trip!

  1. Good Blog. I will continue reading it in the future. Nice layout too.

  2. Wow, Julie, another new reader?! I think you attracted them with the comments about the boat, or as Jakie would say (after being prompted by Cesar) “DAS BOOT” Anyhow, I thought your blog entry about the camping was much more entertaining then mine. I guess what I provide in speedy blogging I lack in quality content..hah-hah. Anyhow, looks like I need copies of your pictures!

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