Before I write about the thoughts I’ve been having, I first want to say that it is 1a.m. Easter morning.  I’ve just finished up the stuff for the kids and all is well.  I’m pooped.  I have soooooo many posts I want to put up….open house, camping, etc.  But, I was just thinking about Easter and I’ve been reading people’s thoughts on other blogs and I thought I would share just a few late night ramblings….

I’ve been a member of the LDS church for almost two years now and it is so interesting to me how many people believe that I left Christianity.  I’ve had more than one friend ask why I decided to stop being a Christian and become a Mormon.  Even in my own family there have been misconceptions.  My late Aunt Lauretta had a conversation with me one day about how Mormons don’t celebrate big Christan holidays such as Christmas and Easter.  Mormons have their own holidays and just kinda ignore the rest.  I remember trying to tell here that while we do have “Pioneer Days” to commemorate the Saints’ huge sacrifice in coming to the West, we still absolutely celebrate all other Christian holidays…..because we are Christian.  I could not convince her because she had “Mormon co-workers” at work who informed her of all these things.  I just laughed and said, “O.K., I guess I must be a different kind of Mormon then.”  That seemed to appease her.   

I had another conversation with a church member who’s husband is not a member and he doesn’t think the LDS church is Christian because we don’t use the symbol of the cross in our buildings and chapels.  I thought that was interesting.  I am beginning to think that that fact bothers people more than almost anything else.  I know is sounds too simple and maybe I’m way off base, but I think the majority of the non-LDS public don’t know many details of the LDS religion and just know that we don’t use the cross as a symbol and that spells “non-christian” to them. 

With Easter being today, you can’t help but think of the cross and what that means.  Jesus was killed on the cross.  He sacrificed himself for all of us….Mormons, Catholics, Muslims, Jew, Hindu….all of us.  Because of what he accomplished in his short time on Earth we now all have the opportunity to return to our Heavenly Father and live in his presence.  We all have the opportunity to be resurrected and have perfected bodies.  Jesus was and is the perfected example of how to spend our time here in this Earthly life.  That is what my church focuses on.  His perfect example.  His life.  His Resurrection.  His love.  While the cross is an important symbol of his sacrifice for all of us and I in no way want to diminish that;  his life and his Resurrection are the way to salvation.  I wonder why the symbol of the empty tomb is not used more in churches?  Isn’t that the hope?  Isn’t that the promise fulfilled? 

One symbol cannot…should not define an entire belief system.  I am a Christian and a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and I don’t display the cross.  I could not sum up how I feel this very early Easter morning better than a verse from a hymn used in my church:

I stand all amazed at the love Jesus offers me, Confused at the grace that so fully he proffers me. I tremble to know that for me he was crucified, That for me, a sinner, he suffered, he bled and died. Oh, it is wonderful that he should care for me Enough to die for me! Oh, it is wonderful, wonderful to me!

Happy Easter everyone!



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4 responses to “Easter

  1. Karen

    I’m really glad I ran across your blog this morning. Thanks for sharing your testimony. I lost my precious father in December, so my thoughts this morning have been about how thankful I am that the Savior made it possible for us to be together again someday.

    Also, your thoughts about the cross make a lot of sense to me. It’s something I’ve never considered before, but it’s probably a big factor for those who say we’re not Christians.

    Happy Easter!

  2. Julie,
    That was such a beautiful post! I think you had a really good point about people being “turned off” by the fact that Mormons don’t use the cross as a symbol of our faith. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts about Easter with us. Love ya!

  3. Beautifully said, Julie.

  4. Debbie

    This was from the heart and very well-written. Great job!

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