Easter Pictures

We had a very nice day over here!  We missed all of our family, but we had a good time hunting for eggs and looking through our haul!img_3758_7_1.jpg 

Emma had an all chocolate day.img_3765_6_3.jpg  She started by opening some candy in her basket and just kept going.  When we would try and pry the candy from her amazingly strong little hands she would yell, “my candy! my chocolate!”  Connor actually had some difficulty finding all his eggs this year. img_3759_5_2.jpg Normally finding eggs takes Connor like 2 minutes, but today….it was a bit of a challenge, which was nice.  Chris and I had picked up the girls matching dresses at Costco earlier (can’t beat that…..15 bucks a dress and I found matching for the girls…hard to do with the age gap). 


Connor looked handsome in his shirt in tie that he was forced willingly wore to church.


Lovely weather, kids in fairly good moods, overall a nice day.


Now if Chris and I could just get a little sleep…..



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2 responses to “Easter Pictures

  1. Your kids look great! Gone are the days when my girls will wear matching dresses – that was always my favorite part about Easter when they were little.

  2. Debbie

    Your kids look adorable! Those dresses are amazing and I love how you wrote about your son. I remember my brothers growing up thinking it was painful and itchy to have button-down shirts tucked in. Boys never change! I’m glad you had a nice, chocolatey Easter.

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