4 weeks in…

Well, yesterday was 4 weeks exactly into my Medifast diet.  Drum roll please……..I have lost 18.6 pound so far.  Pretty good for a months work.  I must say though that today has been a DISASTER!  I had Taco Bell for lunch and Pizza for dinner!  Ugh!  I wonder if it’s because I’ve tried so hard for 4 weeks and just exploded today or what?!  Well, I’m back to business tomorrow!  I can’t let my old habits creep back in just because I’ve had some success.  That seems to be my M.O., success=backtrack.  Anyone else like that?  I’m determined this time though, so I’m not going to let one slacker day ruin my hard work and starvation! 🙂  On the plus side….I ate way less than I normally would’ve of the Taco Bell and Pizza.  Maybe I am learning something…..there’s always the first time! 🙂



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2 responses to “4 weeks in…

  1. Kerri

    Don’t worry Julie…you are doing great! Congratulations on the 18.6 pounds!!!

  2. tam

    yeah for you Julie! I’m so proud of you…keep up the good work!

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