Here today…..


Well, we had the first snow of the 2007/08 Winter season.  We usually get at least one day of snow a season and I was starting to think that Mr. Snow had passed us by;  especially since it was 80 degrees on Saturday…but this is Texas!  Texas weather is more powerful than Summer heat or Winter cold….it’ll do what is darn well pleases!  So, the kids were thrilled (thinking school would be closed), but alas….Texas changed it’s mind again and today it’s a balmy 60 degrees.  Emma and I did have enough snow left this morning to throw snow balls into the pool.  But now at 2pm the snow is almost all gone.  I think we will have dinner at the park tonight…Gotta love Texas! 🙂


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  1. Was that crazy or what?? My kids loved playing in it for a few minutes last night and this morning. That’s about as much snow as I like to see every couple of years.

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