A little nepotism

il_430xn_20180687.jpgil_430xn_20179694.jpgil_430xn_20171093.jpg031_1.jpgOK, so I have to tell you guys about my sister’s new business!  She has started designing and creating onesies and t-shirts for kids that are really cute!  Even for my sister I wouldn’t post about it if they weren’t really, really cute.  Kerri is just starting out and I just can’t believe the clothes have turned out as cute as they are.  She taught herself how to sew and came up with this concept on her own.  The idea was born from wanting to stay home with her son and not go back to work.  So, if you have gifts to give or just want to get a really cute shirt for your own kid…check her out!  I really believe in supporting women with great ideas and willing to take chances. I admire Kerri for giving this a shot.  I think she will be very successful.



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  1. Debbie

    These are darling. I think she’ll do well with them. Really cute!

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