Diarrhea of the mouth

Does anyone find themselves saying the wrong thing at the wrong time as much as I seem too?  I’ve been sick tonight because I just feel like I blew it while hanging out with friends earlier.  I know it seems cryptic to not give details, but honestly it doesn’t even matter.  What matters is that I’m 37 years old and still put my foot in my mouth too many times to count.  I hate to offend people and I hate to sound callous and I fear I may have sounded both tonight.  I think what makes me a good friend and easy to talk to is also what can get me in trouble.  I don’t have a very good filter.  I say what comes to my mind quickly and without much (if any) filtering.  I know this about myself and usually can try to keep my eye on it, but tonight I just let it all fly.  Ugh.  I came home literally feeling sick.  Is there a way out of this? 



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3 responses to “Diarrhea of the mouth

  1. Tamara

    HHHMMMM, very curious…poor Julie. I know we all have those moments when we say something we wish we could take back. I’m sure it wasn’t as bad as you think 😉

  2. Just keep hanging out with people who love you…we’ll take you, foot, mouth and all : ).

  3. Deena

    I had fun talking to you… I promise I was not offended at all! You are welcome to say ANYTHING to me. I think filters are boring!

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