Valentine’s Day

Our valentine’sPresents!Gracie and friends at partyGracie at partyConnor and Jessica at Valentine’s day partyI know this is late, but I wanted to put a little post about Valentine’s Day in here.  It was a busy day!  First, I woke up early (for me anyways) and made breakfast for everyone and then Chris took the kids to school.  Emma and I got dressed and I took her to her favorite friend Jakie and she ran in to play while I went and worked Connor and Gracie’s parties at school.  I’m one of the Room Moms for both Connor and Gracie.  I know, I know…you would think that someone who was a first time Mom would make the rookie mistake of being Room Mom to two classes, but nooooooo.  So, after the parties, Connor went to his friend Jessica’s house and Gracie and I went to pick up Emma and then home.  When Chris got home the kids opened their little Valentine’s Day presents.  Emma has really discovered that she loves to rip the paper to open now.  We all then decided to go to CiCi’s pizza for dinner because nothing says,”romance,” like a room full of yelling kids and a pizza buffet!  After we got home, the kids got ready for bed and the day finally ended!  Whew!  Fun day, but tooooo full!  I bet no one else has days like that, right?!


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One response to “Valentine’s Day

  1. Debbie

    Laughed out loud about your romantic Cici’s dinner. Isn’t that the truth? A good friend celebrated with her kids and hubbie at McDs that night. We were all sick that evening and just hibernating at home.

    I recognize Jessica Packer in that photo. And is that Spencer Parker too? Do your kids go to Donald Elementary?

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