Ok, Ok….I’m supposed to be cleaning my house for the babysitter to come tonight!  Sounds crazy right?  Cleaning for a young gal, but those of you who have “dropped” by can attest to how horrible my house can get.  I can not subject that poor girl to this house…especially since I really like her Mom and she has never been here before! 🙂  So, I’m taking a “break” in the cleaning to blog, that’s reasonable right?  right?????  I can’t believe that there have been over 1000 hits on this blog since I started it!  Crazy!  I’m guessing it’s like 10 of you bored at home just checking it 10 times a day.  But still!  Watch out, I might start to think that you guys like this and it’ll go to my head and there will be no dealing with me! 

So the reason I am cleaning is because the babysitter is coming over and the reason a babysitter is coming over is because Chris and I are going out!!  Yea!  We are going out to eat (thanks Mom and Mom-In-Law) for our anniversary and then we are going to our Ward Temple night.  Chris and I never get to go out alone together, so I’m excited!  Plus, we haven’t been to the Temple for a long time so that will be nice.  I like to go and see what new things I learn and what new thoughts I have.  The Temple is pretty amazing, there is nowhere else like it.

Ok….time to face the music….back to cleaning I go!  How much do you think it would cost me to bribe the kids to do it????  Hmmmmmm

Ps…I have lost a total of 11.3 pounds since Feb. 5!  Yea me! 🙂



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2 responses to “Shhhhhhhhh

  1. Tamara

    Poor Julie…hopefully right about now you are eating a romantic dinner (albeit low-fat/low-carb/low-flavor)and headed to the temple. Hope you got the house in reasonable order for Amanda. Have an awesome time and let us know how it was!! OH, and yeah for you for the awesome weight loss…you are doing great..hang in there!

  2. Amanda had a great time with your kids. And to be honest, she’ll feel much more at home next time if you don’t clean first…I don’t want her to start getting ideas about what our house should look like : ). (Congrats on the weight loss!!! Yipee)

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