Day Two

Well, one thing I can promise is that I won’t be continuing this one track blog sort of thing.  The second day of the “diet” has gone much better.  The only hiccup was my desire to murder my poor husband because he was 45 minutes late from work and that threw off my meal planning and momma was HUNGRY!  The poor guy barely survived and was very understanding of my rather mean and grumpy mood until food hit my stomach.  I really didn’t get hungry until late in the afternoon and even then I did ok.  I think this might work.  May I say that all of your support for this undertaking is wonderful!  Thank you so much!  It’s alittle scary to say to the world (well ok, the 10 of you who look at this blog) that I am dieting….again.  I’m actually hoping that the humiliation of one of you guys finding me with a Big Mac in my mouth or a purse full of choclate chip cookies will keep me on the straight and narrow.   MMMMMM….cookies………


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