The effect of a good man

I was just e-mailed this clip of the Glenn Beck show.  I have to admit, I have no idea who Glenn Beck is or what he usually talks about on his show.  So, that being said, I may not agree with much or I might agree with everything on his show…who knows.  One thing I do know is that I like what he says in this clip and I agree with everything he says in it.  He is talking about his personal feelings about President Hinkley and how he helped him become a better person.  I feel the same way.  Often when I’m trying to decide how I should act or handle a situation I think about Pres. Hinkley and his counsel.  Isn’t it wonderful and amazing to realize how much one good man can accomplish and how many lives he can touch?


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  1. Thanks for the clip! I had never even HEARD of Glenn Beck until I attended last year’s national FSA (Families Supporting Adoption) conference in SLC where he was the key-note speaker. Both he and his wife spoke and I really enjoyed their testimonies. When I came home I checked out his show once to see what it actually was about. Funny side note, they were in attendance due to the fact that they adopted their last child through LDS family services. Kim Sidwell was their case worker, a good friend of mine from the Carrollton office.

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