New Year…New Diet Attempt

Well, because I don’t like change and because I like to follow the bandwagon I’m trying to get healthy and lose weight…….again.  I know I’m not alone in this endeavor, but I’m pretty sick of every new year having the same resolutions…lose weight and be better with money.  Every year, same thing.  OK!  Enough complaining!  I joined this pretty awesome web site that you can use to lose weight or just become more healthy.  I personally would take skinny and unhealthy right now, but there are some of you (my friends and family) who are skinny and unhealthy and you all tell me that that is bad.  I still would take skinny right now,but to each their own!  So, one of the beginning goals of the web site is to tell one person everyday that you are tying to get healthy, so I thought that if I posted on the blog that hopefully at least one person would read about it and that would count!

Here is the web site:  again totally free and has a lot of stuff!


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