I get the big, new bed…alone!!! YEA!!

Setting upSetting upBackyard campoutGracie and Chris in tentConnor in tentWell, I may sound like a bad wife and mother when I say, “YaHoooo!  I’m sleeping alone tonight!”  Chris got this great tent from my parents for Christmas and he wanted to set it up today…something about winter in Texas and today being 75 degrees out….Anyways, Connor and Gracie are sleeping out there with him and I am inside because of Emma (ya right Emma, that’s it).  I’m extra excited to have the bed to myself because we got my parents old mattress and brought it home over the break and it is SOOOO much better than our old mattress!  Our old mattress reminded me of that I Love Lucy episode where Fred and Ethel are in a horrible bed and don’t mind because it’s like their bed at home.  They do alittle trick here, tie Fred in there and Wallah! they are all set.  I swear there was just one way to sleep in our old bed, but now I can roll over, I can sleep on my side, I can sleep on my belly, the options are endless!!!  I must admit that while I’m thrilled to be in my new bed, I am a little jealous, Connor and Grace are pretty excited and he is a good Dad to be out there with him.  Especially after what happened earlier this evening (see “Happy 2008”).  I just hope I’m not speaking too soon and end up with EVERYONE in the bed because they all of a sudden realize that there are BEDS in the house that are soft and HEAT in the house. 

P.S.  Plus, church doesn’t start until 1:30 P.M. tomorrow!!  Oh happy day!!!!


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