Happy 2008!!

Gracie and Emma impressed at Chris’s workchris and holeholeholeHoleRedecoration Chris styleThe fix…for now. Well, it’s officially 5 days into the new year and I’m happy to say that…..well…..at-least there were no broken bones.  What you see it my wonderful husband’s attempt at putting the Christmas away in the attic.  Anyone want a house???  We’ve already done the skylight…



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4 responses to “Happy 2008!!

  1. Grammies

    Do you think it’s time to put a floor in the attic. That may have prevented this. Your lucky you weren’t hurt.

    Dry wall sounds like a good gift for Julie for her birthday. That way you could finish down and upstairs. Please be careful you two no more antics in the attic Ok!!!!

  2. Tamara Castaneda

    LOL!! Oh Julie that was too funny (I can only say that since I know Chris is okay!) and what did he think of Gracie sharing the story during church?! Hey, tell Chris we like the goatie!

  3. jdhess71

    Well, there is a floor in the attic…well, boards laying down at least. Chris steped in between the boards and fell threw. Chris was mortified at first when Grace told the story to the entire church, but then when everyone came up to him telling him their stories of falling threw the attic, etc. he felt better! 🙂 Chris says, “Thank you” about the goatie!

  4. Kerri

    Well I guess Chris is just like dad….only that dad fell off the roof and Chris fell through.. 🙂

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