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Gracie’s New Room!

img_2392_4.jpgThe castle where Gracie and her unicorn came from…Gracie under her rainbow.Gracie standing next to herself on a unicorn in the sky!

Chris did some electrical work for some friends of ours a few months ago who just happen to be custom painters.  Well, Chris worked out a trade with them for payment.  The result is Gracie’s new, wonderful room!  Gracie is beyond excited.  Gracie helped design the room, but David and Desiree Follett brought the ideas to life!


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Christmas Stress

Ok….so maybe this is because I’m writing this a 12:22 am when I should be asleep, but I’m so stressed this year!  Maybe I’m always this stressed, I can’t remember.  But, then again I can’t remember what I ate for breakfast so that isn’t much of an indicator.  I had this great idea for a Christmas gift for the kids from Chris and I and tonight it fell apart.  Does that happen to anyone else?  It seems like that is my life….great ideas that fall apart and never come to fruition.  I’m the great loose thread in life.  Just for once I’d like to have the Martha Stewart or Little House on the Prairie Christmas where I spend time making goodies and homemade wrapping paper and gingerbread houses with my sweet, loving, generous children around me.  Am I asking for too much?  Probably.  Ok, how about I just want to buy presents without going into debt to someone, have my kids ask for less than 30 things apiece from Santa, have my kids be sweet to each other for longer than 30 seconds (without the tv on) and a straight house where the decorations I spent DAYS putting up can actually be seen.  I probably shouldn’t even post this as I’m re-reading what I wrote and I sound like a whiny, ungrateful loser.  Ok, I’m gonna chalk this up to little sleep, junk food and……..there must be something else I can blame?!  Oh well.  Next time I write I will try and be more sunny!

ps…I did think of one thing that is pretty cute right now.  Emma has started to say, “Wove U” when you say, “I love you Emma.”  Pretty darn cute if I do say so myself.

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