The Temple

SealingSealingSealingSealingSealingSealingSealingThe TempleSealing

We were fortunate this Summer to be able to perform our Temple ordinances.  We joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon) in June of 2006 and were able to go to the Temple after our year anniversary.  Chris and I were able to be sealed together (like a wedding) for all time and eternity and then we were sealed to the children.  It was a truly special day for our family.  I know for most of our family and friends back home it was a shock when we joined the church, but it has been the best experience for our family and we feel so at home.  The blessings that have come to our family since joining the church are too many to count.  Joining the church has been a real journey for me especially.  I considered myself very spiritual, but not religious at all.  In fact, I was very cynical when it came to organized religion.  After learning about the church for almost a year, I have to say that when I was baptized it felt as though a piece of me had been found.  I feel much more at peace in the world.


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  1. ldspad

    Congratulations on going to the Temple! It must’ve been a wonderful experience. I cannot wait to make it there. You have a beautiful family as well.

    I’m a recent convert to the Church and I know what you mean about the feeling of being at home. The peace and comfort that we invite into our lives by being baptized and living the gospel is worth everything.

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